Your project must become what YOU want to share through it

and reach the objectives you are aiming at



My purpose is to fulfill this with you and for you.

Since 2000 I have worked in creating films in Switzerland and France for various kinds of clients and on all types of projects.

So more than just having the job done, my way of working is to always realise something special and unique with passion.


Aigle Stabilisator

oberlive Aigle


There are some takes that alway impressed me in the editing process and this is the ones comming from of the steadycam operators. Fluent and in slow motion they leave a strong impact through their smoothy movement.

Today you can benefit from this option thanks to the HDV Aigle system, which is the "best-seller" of
With a weight  reaching up to 9 kgs of equipment, you have a wide range of possible cameras. I have filmed with an EX3 as well as a FS300 from Sony, but your own camera could do, so feel free to get in contact with me.


Blotzheim from Eric Oberli.



Sharing my knowledge is another work and if you also have the passion of putting images and sound together I would love to help you learn more about editing.

Just contact me.